You Are Everything

You are the crack in the wall
You are the scab on my skin
I am the child that picks
Lifting, engorging the space
Between so that the light
May shine through
And you are the light
I am the hole in the universe
Covering my goddess face
With radiant fingertips
To hide the outpouring
The worship written in my eyes
This is where the world weakens
This is where we fall to pieces
In picking loves unripe
From amongst the stars

El Universo

I began making phone calls
To the universe like
Cosmic room service to prove
That god exists and I am within her.
Requesting small tips like:
Yellow t-shirts
Birds in flight
The late giggles of little boys in Spain
The stranger who told me
In caramel accents
That I was beautiful
That maybe we could be together.
I smiled into his
Constellation of teeth to say
I am alone, but this world
is overwhelmed with generosity.