I love to let you go
To let the thoughts of you fade
Watching my self on the horizon
Rotating into newness and feeling the
Softness of so much space
Thinking so unencumbered just
Me and my imaginings floating freely
In and out of time like full-time
Daydreamers in meadows and movies
Tasting freedom like sun on my tongue
Eating golden light and singing soft songs
Of loneliness and that featherbed of solitude


I exhale you as if
I were closing a book
On its final page and now
It’s time for contemplation
It’s time to let the sun stream in
To let the light burn away
The dust in neglected corners
To smile and feel the green grass
Growing through my teeth
While I sing songs of rebirth and
Nourish this new life that wasn’t
Restocking shelves with empty spaces


Cold days and excuses for investigating
The wants and wishes and I think‘s
I believe that if only I were to
Uproot the deep-seated longings
The desires to feel and be felt
Like fingernails digging deep into warm
Earth that gives way of its own accord
Memorialized by finger-sized holes and
Dirty nails each equal parts because
One cannot live without affecting the other
If that’s the truth or if we were to
Make these impressions one upon the other
Then life would be good and indifferent
As always but still malleable to all ends

Reunions and Goodbyes

We are the ripples, the echoes
Of sunflowers in a coffin and
The soft pale skin of your father
Who bound you together so that
One couldn’t come without the other
Listening to memories in the
Pine trees as ice floats through the air
I stare into my hands and remember
Your name and my name and our
Friends’ names that will all be read
One day as we ask for stories to share
To make up a life and let them rise
In the echoes where we sit
Surrounded by sunflowers and tears
And the semblance of family glimmering
In our red hair before turning over to
Sleep for one more day and wake
For one more day