Silent Night

These walls are all abandoned empty space
Where I live daily with his failures
And my own
The volume of loneliness
Fills this place up like a gas
Where even the pictures shout
Love me, love me please
These nights are so silent
I think the world has gone mute
and I wonder if there’s anything
Left to say at all
Outside of opening the creases of our bodies
Letting love swarm in
And drown out

El Universo

I began making phone calls
To the universe like
Cosmic room service to prove
That god exists and I am within her.
Requesting small tips like:
Yellow t-shirts
Birds in flight
The late giggles of little boys in Spain
The stranger who told me
In caramel accents
That I was beautiful
That maybe we could be together.
I smiled into his
Constellation of teeth to say
I am alone, but this world
is overwhelmed with generosity.

Passaic, 6538

It’s all leather jackets and messy buns
Under fluorescent lights outside of Delawanna
We know we perfected urban cool
Smacking lips to punctuate conversation like
My boss is a fucking asshole
Wrapping smoke rings around these phrases
And leaving remnants of a strong womanhood
On pink tapered cigarettes
We run this shit and will tell you about it
While commemorating the goddess within on
A 10pm commuter train from Jersey’s unwashed industries