Coffee Cups

In the morning the steam from my
Coffee makes a rainbow on the glass
Pane behind the kitchen counter
Where it sings and dew drops form
After the storm of my night.
My emotions that pass like clouds
In dreams replacing one scene with
Another with no respect to time, logic.
The taste of the coffee is bitter; the
Sun rises over the mug warming my
Fingertips and I smile in the
Ritual of a new day.


Sometimes I forget that I
Am the goddess too
That I have watched the world
Be born and unborn and that
Time has died in the
Palms of my hands
Sometimes I forget to
Greet the goddesses that
Rise from within the women
Around me because we have
Been divided and are often
Unrecognizable to one another
The tension from the misplaced
Familiarity grows into envy
For a time before when we
Lived in circles and smiled at
One another while dictating
The design of life

See The Thing Whole

She said your laughter rings like
The sound of a benediction

While coffee cups echoed in
White rooms on white tables with
White noise filled with emptiness
Emptiness which holds space
For possibility even when the
Answers do not exist they just
Float colorless while we
Bless and cry and laugh and
Trace lines over the sky’s
Soft blue back and make constellations
Of each other


Little feet smack the street with
Plastic flip flops beckoning play while
Drums beat through the afternoon
Covered in wind and rain and the
Slippery gray and white streets that
Watch foreigners slip through
Disheveled and wishing for rest
These are the quiet days of a lower
Cost life because money erodes like
Mountains building up in all the
Wrong places so there are valleys of
Poverty and hills that carry others away
From the sadness that permeates wanting